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Being audited by the IRS is stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes fear-inducing.  Having an attorney by your side will not make the experience fun, but it will make things considerably easier for you.  As an experienced tax attorney, I have helped many people and businesses in Southern California survive the audit process and I'm confident that I can help you survive the experience, too, with as little trauma, and the best outcome, possible.

Why are you being audited?

When you, my client, are being audited, one of the first things I do is help determine exactly why you are being singled out by Uncle Sam.

Some filers are randomly selected for auditing based on a computer algorithm. The IRS does this for quality control purposes, and as a fraud deterrent. There is really nothing that can be done to prevent random auditing because targets are identified exactly as the name suggests - randomly. Most people and businesses selected for random audits come through them with very little trouble.

Other filers are targeted for audits based on irregularities in their tax returns. Some things that can trigger an audit include:

  • Numbers that suggest rounding off of figures
  • A large amount of cash income
  • Extreme variations between this year's income and that of previous years
  • A large number of deductions
  • W-2s that don’t match reported amounts

Filers can also be sucked into audits of associated people or organizations. If your employer gets audited, for example, you might be audited in the future if information in your employer’s audit suggests that you are not reporting all of your income.

Figuring out why a particular return is being audited can help me determine which relevant materials I need to help you to collect. Although all tax records should be kept for at least 3 years, incomplete records are a common problem.  I have become an expert at tracking down old information from various, even far-flung, sources. My ability to speak several languages besides English --  Portuguese, French, and Spanish  -- is very helpful in this regard,  enabling me to perform successful investigations in other countries as well as throughout the United States.

Determining the cause of the audit is beneficial in another important way.. It empowers me to help you implement new procedures to prevent your being subjected to future audits. This saves you money, increases your productivity, and has the added bonus of lowering your anxiety level

What are the advantages of having me assist you as you prepare for, and go through, an audit?

After determining why you are being audited and helping you to gather the necessary documentation, I work hard to ensure that the audit goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

If you desire, I can act as an intermediary between you and the IRS. As an attorney I can give you much more in-depth advice than other tax professionals are at liberty to do. For example, I can tell you what questions you actually need to answer, and which ones are just result from the auditor being nosy. In addition, attorney-client privilege ensures that almost everything I discuss with you is protected from discovery if the government decides to press criminal charges. Information you may discuss with other tax professionals is not similarly protected. 

If you have received notice that you are being audited, I urge you to call Brunoro Law today at 619-493-3293
 to schedule a free initial consultation. My office is conveniently located in San Diego, but I am also more than happy to consult with you via phone or video conference whether you are located anywhere in the United States or in another country.

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