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Seattle International Tax Attorney Lays Out FAQ

Are you a Seattle-based business that is about to make a transaction with a foreign company? As a U.S. person living in the U.S. or abroad, you absolutely recognize the importance of the United States taxes system. This short article outlines a few of the basics of international tax through the most frequently asked questions.

The responses presented in this post are not intended as legal advice. For professional advice, call a trustworthy attorney with a track record in international tax cases.

Do U.S. expatriates need to file U.S. tax report?

The short answer is: yes. Still, even if we were to narrow the question down, the response would mainly be affirmative, providing the term ” expatriate” is recognized as a United States person living outside the USA. The U.S. tax obligation system consists of a system of worldwide taxation. So, the global revenue of United States citizens who live and work outside the U.S. are subject to United States tax obligation.

Do USA expats qualify for foreign revenue tax obligation exemptions?

Yes, a United States citizen or company earning income abroad could obtain the foreign made income exemption and/or an international tax obligation credit to be asserted against their U.S. taxes. Not every expat will certainly get approved for the international earned earnings exemption or foreign tax credit, so it is necessary to discuss the specifics of your case with a knowledgeable international tax attorney.

What are tax obligation obligations of green card holders who haven’t lived in the U.S. for a long period of time?

As a green card holder, you are called for to report your worldwide income regardless of the length of time you have actually lived abroad. If, however, you surrender your green card or it has been extracted from you by the U.S. Citizen & Immigration Service, you will certainly need to submit United States income tax obligation as a non-resident alien.

What is Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program?

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) is an initiative some Seattle and other U.S. taxpayers use to divulge unreported international income or unreported foreign financial possessions. Since failing to disclose global earnings involves large fines as well as prison time for tax evasion, the OVDP is typically made use of to avoid the charges.

Do I require an international tax attorney?

As international profession expands, so does the profile of policies and also regulations suitable to cross-border and also international tax. The U.S. system of worldwide taxation is complicated and also ever before evolving to account for the fast adjustments. Professional services of a reliable tax attorney are ending up being increasingly more important, specifically if you are involved in any type of sort of tax obligation conflict.

Our suggestion is to pick an attorney that focuses on the area you need assistance with – OVDP, cross-border tax, corporate tax, etc. But first off, make inquiries. Brunoro Law provides free one-hour consultations. We serve clients from Seattle and other cities and states throughout the U.S.