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Formation of Business Entities

There are many business opportunities in Brazil, Mexico, and throughout Latin America. At Brunoro Law, our firm has the knowledge and ability to work with our clients to get the results that they need in these countries. Firm founder and principal attorney Paula Brunoro originally is from Brazil and received her law degree there.

Ms. Brunoro has extensive contacts in the area and has formed strong partnerships with local counsel who work with us to create the business entities that our clients require to complete their foreign transaction goals. With fluency in Portuguese and Spanish and a strong understanding of the local laws and customs, Ms. Brunoro guides clients of Brunoro Law through the formation process, focusing on addressing regulatory matters specific to the country while maintaining a focus on United States tax planning considerations.

In addition to transactions in Brazil, Brunoro Law has worked with clients in completing deals in Mexico and throughout the rest of Latin America. This is based on an extensive understanding of the laws and regulations of these countries, as well as the applicable international treaties.

In structuring the new business entity, it is crucial to pay close attention to the tax ramifications of these foreign transactions in order to minimize the tax burden while providing the structure that the business requires to achieve the goals of the new enterprise. In order to discuss how Brunoro Law can provide the legal support necessary to form new business entities in Brazil, Mexico, and throughout the rest of Latin America, potential clients can schedule a one-hour free consultation in the San Diego office, over the telephone, or via video conferencing.