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Cross-border Transactions

Cross-border transaction matters are complex due to the existence of different legal structures, bureaucracies, cultural disparities, and political challenges.  However, it is possible to structure an investment, effectuate a joint venture, and achieve a successful conclusion of a deal often is worth the increased complexities of these cross-border transactions.

Brunoro Law represents domestic United States companies that are doing business, or seek to start doing business, in foreign countries.  In addition, the firm assists foreign entities that want to begin doing business within the United States.  As more businesses are expanding their global platforms, it is crucial to have a firm that understands how to negotiate the complexities of transacting deals across borders while minimizing the tax consequences and maximizing the returns.  This requires a firm that can negotiate favorable terms, provide the necessary information about applicable laws, regulations, and treaties, manage local counsel, and preparing the appropriate documents.

The firm founder and principal attorney, Paula Brunoro, has obtained her detailed knowledge and understanding of foreign jurisdictions through her background as a Brazilian citizen who obtained her law degree there and is licensed to practice in that country. In addition, her foreign language skills and strong partnerships with law firms in Brazil, Mexico, and throughout Latin America brings an added layer of qualifications to benefit her clients.

The additional focus of Brunoro Law on the tax issues arising out of cross-border transactions means that the firm’s clients receive comprehensive advice on all aspects of the deal, with the goal of minimizing the domestic and foreign tax burden that are created as part of the business undertaking.

Having handled matters for clients in Brazil, Mexico, and throughout Latin America, Brunoro Law has the relationships and knowledge of the foreign jurisdictions to put the right people in place to get the deal closed.  Schedule a complimentary one-hour in-office, telephone, or video conference consultation to learn how Brunoro Law can assist with your cross-border transactions.