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Income Tax Audit

Receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Frustration, concerns and doubts often result from receiving such letter.

There are many reasons why people get audited, such as

  • Numbers that suggest rounding off of figures;
  • A large amount of cash income;
  • Extreme variations between this year’s income and that of previous years;
  • A large number of deductions;
  • W-2s (and other forms) that don’t match reported amounts.

Regardless of what triggered your tax return to be selected for audit, having a tax attorney by your side during the process will help alleviate the stress, but will also give you the assurance that you will achieve the best results. Additionally, it will allow for the implementation of new procedures to prevent future audits. This saves you money, increases your productivity, and has the added bonus of lowering your anxiety level.

Having an experience tax attorney assist you during the audit process also ensures that almost everything discussed is protected from discovery if the government decides to press criminal charges. Information you may discuss with other tax professionals is not similarly protected.

If you have received notice that you are being audited, call Brunoro Law today 619-493-3293 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is conveniently located in San Diego, but we are also more than happy to consult with you via phone or video conference whether you are located anywhere in the United States or in another country.