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Have you heard the news? The world is flat. Not literally, as those who have driven in the hills around San Diego know, but as the well-known book of that title suggests, we are living in a world where our technology and the interconnectedness it has wrought have made living and doing business possible virtually anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, our tax code has not kept pace with the changing world. It is still confusing and difficult to navigate, particularly for those doing business in multiple locations, especially if some of those locations are outside the United States.

From our office in San Diego, Brunoro Law has helped hundreds of people and businesses from around the world, who have income or assets in multiple countries, successfully strategize and plan ahead. The tax laws in the United States are incredibly complex, and the tax collector’s arm is long and strong, so it is important to do some advanced planning if you have assets in foreign countries or do business abroad.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney who can help you sort through your multi-country tax issues as efficiently and discreetly as possible, I encourage you to give us a call today at 619.272.7011 to schedule a free initial consultation. If you are in Southern California, we can meet at our office in San Diego. If you are located elsewhere, we can chat via phone or video conferencing, and determine if Brunoro Law is the right firm to help you solve your tax issues.